Assessing Your Title Production System Setup and Usage







What Is This Assessment of Our Title Production System All About?

This assessment is a series of queries that we run, based on which title production system you use. It helps us get a better understanding of your organization, so that we can make educated guesses about what criteria values to lock-in when we help setup any Ops Insights roles.

The assessment queries will help us get a better understanding of things like:

  • How your organization is structured in your TPS (Title Production System)

  • Determine your most common products or services and their associated workflows

  • See tasks are most and/or least completed for each of your workflows

  • See how many branches, offices or business units to you have setup. This helps us recommend how to deploy your roles.

  • Determine what transactees / payee records are being used so that we can deliver accurate revenue reporting to you.

  • Determine what partner types or entities are setup and being associated with files in the system.

How Long Does It Take?

It depends on a few scenarios and how quickly we are able to perform the assessment, but that actual steps take us about a fully day to thoroughly complete.

When Does This Assessment Take Place?

Ideally it happens right after we setup and test the secure connection to your Title Production System, but can take place at any time. We did not always have these queries and business processes in place so if we have not yet done this for you then you became a customer before this piece was implemented. We are working our way through our existing clients who have not had this done and performing it for everyone. This will allow us to help each of our clients get maximum value out of Ops Insights, because we will be able to then quickly deploy any type of role that they need to solve common business problems.