Emailed Reports







What Are Automated Deliveries?

Automated deliveries are just what we call emailed reports that are sent out on whatever timed basis that it suitable to you or the recipients of that emailed report. Read more about automated deliveries or “emailed reports” below.

What Types of Reports Can I Email Out?

All of them! Any visualization or detailed (AKA ‘drill down’ or ‘Excel style’) report can be setup to be emailed to you on a timed basis. If you want a summary or count sent to you then choose a Visualization report as to be sent to you.

If you want to receive granular results (ex. file level details), then choose a Detailed (‘Excel style’) report. Whether you choose a Visualization or Detailed Report Type as your source, either one can be emailed to you as an actual Excel file or any other available What Types of File Formats Can Be Emailed Out?.

What Types of File Formats Can Be Emailed Out?

Our current Report Format automated delivery options are listed below:

  1. Excel File

  2. CSV File (comma separated value)

  3. PDF File

How Do I Setup a Report to be Emailed To Me or Others?

Please watch the video below for step-by-step instructions on how to setup an automated delivery (emailed report) in Ops Insights.

How Do I Adjust the Criteria on an Existing Automated Delivery?

To be filled in with annotated screenshots and a short video.