SLA / Turn Time Reporting







What Is SLA / Turn Time Reporting?

A “SLA” is an acronym that stands for “Service Level Agreement” and is used across many industries as a way to set operational or support level expectations. In the tech world this would usually be measured as a percentage of ‘uptime’, but in the Real Estate and Settlement Services industries it is usually measured as turnaround time. Through something we call “micro roles”; Ops Insights gives you an easy way to measure the SLA or Turn Times for your business.

We have a fast and proven way to help you measure the turn around time between any two points in your workflows and then compare that against a benchmark (SLA), allowing us to produce a scorecard as to how well your company is meeting that (SLA) expectation. You can setup as many of the SLA / Turn Times reports that you would like. They can be used internally for department, branches or people, or used externally to monitor and hold vendors accountable. You can also setup Automated Deliveries and KPI Notifications.

Why Is It Important?

There are a lot of reasons why tracking SLA’s / Turn Times are important. Here are just a few below:

  • Allows you to see any bottlenecks in your workflows

  • Greatly improves your chances of landing a national lender or title company (if doing sub-service work)

  • Helps you understand how fast you are turning transactions overall

  • Gives a standard benchmarking system that can be used to compare departments, branches, processing centers or vendors against each other

How Can Ops Insights Help Me Streamline Operations With SLA Reporting?

To be filled in more later this week.